Dental Health

It is not surprising that students with toothaches have lower GPAs and miss more school. But it might be surprising to see a dentist on a school campus, or a team of dentists in the cafeteria, conducting an annual screening for an entire school.

Providing preventive dental care and basic treatment in your school removes one of the most significant barriers to good attendance and academic success. Identifying and providing needed dental treatment can result in a profound positive impact on a child’s lifetime health. All of our school health centers provide school-wide dental screenings and referrals for urgent care. Some sites even provide school-wide dental health education. Several school health centers have installed equipment for a dental operatory room and regularly schedule dentists and hygienists to provide cleanings, x-rays, and fillings.


Dental Care in School Health Centers

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How it works

Dental health starts with school-wide dental screenings over the course of a few days. Students are then connected to appropriate follow-up care and referrals. Some dental work can be provided onsite at school health centers.