How it works

Resources, tools, tips, and wisdom

To support your work, we created “School Health Works” tools, tips, and wisdom for successful school health initiatives. Whenever you see the School Health Works symbol on this website, you’ll find plenty of documents and links to serve as tools to create your own initiatives for school health.

Explore the resources listed below to learn more about our school health center model and best practices, and to find tools to use in your own community.


Latino Men and Boys Program

Reclaiming identity, culture, and family through education, health, and community action.


Young people creating their own solutions.

Young African American Men’s Oral History Project

Oakland’s young African American men have stories to tell.

Pipeline to Health Careers

Launching the next generation of health care leaders!

Resources & Tools

Below is an index of CHSC resource documents to download, listed by topic.

School Health Services

School Health Initiatives
How to Start and Sustain a School Health Initiative
Alameda County School Health Initiatives Framework

School Health Centers
Alameda County School Health Center Model
Behavioral Health in School Health Centers
Evaluation and Quality in School Health Centers
Beyond Easting and Exercise: Trauma Informed Approaches to Obesity Intervention in SBHCs

Behavioral Health
Alameda County School-Based Behavioral Health Model
School-Based Behavioral Health Assessment

Dental Health
Dental Care in School Health Centers
Dental Screening and Case Management Guidelines

Coordination Practices
Coordination of Services Team (COST) Guide
COST Introduction
COST Handouts
COST Tip Sheets
COST Training Sheets
COST Forms
Readiness to Learn COST Progress Report
District Health and Wellness
HIPPA or FERPA? A Primer on School Health Information Sharing
Consent and Confidentiality at

Equity-Immigrant Initiatives

School Climate and Culture
School Climate for Learning
Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools

Family Partnership
Family Partnership Model

Youth Leadership
Youth Development in School Health Centers
Partnering with Youth to Build Healthier School Communities

Finance and Sustainability
Smart Financing for School Health Centers
Smart Financing for School-Based Behavioral Health

CHSC Center-Wide Evaluation Manual 2019-2020
SHC County-Wide Summary of Findings 2017-18 Report