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Finance and

Ensuring the sustainability and expansion of health and wellness programs is a critical component of school health initiatives. With a deep commitment to sustainability, CHSC developed smart finance strategies that leverage public and private funds to support youth and families.

As part of the local county health authority, our financing strategies include working with local, state, and federal public funding sources with the same mission to support health and wellness for low-income families. It has been critical to work from Day 1 with health and wellness partners to develop a plan for shared investments and long-term commitments. We do not subscribe to school health efforts that are primarily grant-funded and subject to constant threat or demise as funding runs out.

These key downloads highlight the core strategies we have used successfully to finance school health centers and school-based behavioral health supports in Alameda County over the long term.


How it works

There is no national model or norm for financing school-based behavioral health or school health centers. Our recommendation for designing a financing strategy is to explore your neighboring communities and identify core sustainability strategies that have been successful. You can build on these strategies to design programs that meet everyone’s unique needs and circumstances.

Talking explicitly and often about financing is key to growth and sustainability. Smart financing encompasses a vast array of strategies that leverage resources across sectors, build shared investments, and secure long-term commitments.