Services and Supports

School Health Services

Explore ways to create a school health initiative; implement medical, behavioral, and dental health in schools; and
coordinate practices

Equity Initiatives

Take action to ensure every child, including immigrant youth and young people of color, receives what they need to succeed and thrive.


How it works

Family Partnership

Support a range of programs and services designed to strengthen families and promote protective factors.

School Climate and Culture

Learn ways to improve school climate, through restorative practices and trauma-informed schools. Increase access to quality food and basic needs.

Youth Leadership

Check out opportunities for mentorship, peer-to-peer youth programs, REACH Ashland Youth Center, and career pathways.

Finance and Sustainability

Build capacity and financial support
to foster sustainability.

Capacity Building

To support educators and health, youth, and family professionals we leverage the knowledge and talents of our staff and the diverse stakeholders working on behalf of children and families in Alameda County. We support the field through four main strategies:

Tools and resources that capture lessons learned, illustrate best practices, and increase capacity of others to do high quality school health initiatives.

Learning Communities that support, sustain and improve the work through peer learning and sharing of best practices.

Coaching and consultation  on building school health systems and/or strengthening practice.

Workshops that support quality practice in the six solution areas.