Our Impact

For 25 years, CHSC has worked to build school health initiatives that create equitable conditions for health and learning.
Today, CHSC supports 28 school health centers (12 with dental operatories), behavioral health in 18 school districts, youth centers, family partnerships, and cross-sector initiatives.
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Here is a snapshot of what we accomplished in 2019.


hours spent at


school sites supporting students’ behavioral, social,
and emotional health



dental appointments for


unique clients


students registered for


clinic visits at
school health centers

How it works

For “Results-Based Accountability"
we measure our impacts three ways:

1. How much did we do?

2. How well did we do it?

3. Is anybody better off?



youth and families served
in 2019

Results-Based Accountability

School Health Centers

How much: 28 School based health center sites (12 with dental operatories)

How well: 14,500 students registered; 56,750 clinic visits

Better off: 98% reported school health centers helped them learn how to take better care of their health

School-Based Behavioral Health

How much: 15,000+ hours across 14 school districts and 253 school sites supporting school health initiatives and over 4,500 hours of trainings and consultations to develop school staff and parents/caregiver’s capacity to support the behavioral, social, and emotional health of young people.

How well: 15,88 + students were referred to COST. 92% of individuals referred
to services were connected to a service within 1 month.

Better off: Youth reported positive increases in school life, social life, and
self-management skills

71% of youth surveyed agreed they felt good about their future

82% of youth surveyed agreed they had support from adults other than their parents.

80% of youth surveyed agreed they had somewhere to go when they needed help
   or support.

Youth and Family Opportunities

How much: Over $3 million leveraged annually to perform case management, health insurance and public benefits enrollment assistance, crisis intervention, counseling, mentoring, health and wellness workshops, leadership development, arts and enrichment, and academic/college career supports.

How well: 21,697 youth and families served

Better off: 97% – 100% satisfaction rate including over 96% reported increased access to resources and increased resilience and social-emotional skills.

Dental (HTHC + SHC Dental)

How much: In school year 2018-19, two CHSC Community Dental Care Coordinators, working in 11 school districts, made 552 dental appointments for 269 unique clients

How well: 5,300 SHC dental visits took place in 2018-19.

Better off: 93% of clients screened at baseline and follow-up demonstrated improvement or no further dental decay.


2018/19 Case Studies

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2018/19 Outcomes
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